Wilks Calculator

The Wilks coefficient allows you to compare the strength of one powerlifter to another based on their body weight and maximum weight lifted. The formula to calculate the Wilks coefficient is given by:
Wilks coefficient = (max weight lifted) * 500 / (a + bx +cx² +dx³ +ex⁴ +fx⁵)
where x is the lifter’s body weight.
For men, the coefficients for this formula are: a = -216.0475144, b = 16.2606339, c = -0.002388645, d = -0.00113732, e = 7.01863E-06, f = -1.291E-08.
For women, the coefficients for this formula are: a = 594.31747775582, b = -27.23842536447, c = 0.82112226871, d = -0.00930733913, e = 4.731582E-05, f = -9.054E-08
To find the Wilks coefficient, simply fill in the necessary values below and then click the “Calculate” button.


Wilks coefficient (women): 82.32

Wilks coefficient (men): 62.54

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