Union and Intersection Probability Calculator

Probability that event A does not occur: P(A’): 0.7

Probability that event B does not occur: P(B’): 0.5

Probability that event A and/or event B occurs P(A∪B): 0.65

Probability that event A and event B both occur P(A∩B): 0.15

Probability that either event A or event B occurs, but not both: 0.5

2 Replies to “Union and Intersection Probability Calculator”

  1. Can you add a third probability event for event C? You can make it to where it is not required to fill unless necessary. That would be amazing! Written as:
    Probability of event C: P(C)

  2. Zach,
    Nicely done, but you are assuming A and B are independent. You should state this assumption somewhere. Even better, allow the user to specify the conditional probability of B given A or A given B.

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