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One of the best ways to improve your knowledge in statistics is to work through practice problems and review step-by-step solutions to each problem.

Fortunately, Statology Study allows you to do exactly that. With more than 100 practice problems and step-by-step solutions, Statology Study is the ultimate statistics study resource.

The practice problems included in Statology Study cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability
  • Experimental Design
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Linear Regression
  • Chi-Square Tests

In addition to providing detailed solutions to each problem, many of the solutions link to relevant tutorials on Statology that students can use to enhance their understanding of different topics.

“It’s amazing how much easier statistics became for me once I started using Statology Study. The step-by-step solutions to the problems really helped me understand how to solve the problems and which formulas to use in different situations. This resource saved me countless hours I would have spent Googling how to solve problems.


-Alysia M.

“Statology Study was a life-saver in my Elementary Statistics course. The practice problems and step-by-step solutions were exactly what I needed to wrap my head around the concepts I was learning in the course.”


Mark B.

“Statology Study has been the perfect study guide to sharpen my understanding of different statistics concepts.”


-Anika V.

How Does it Work?

Statology Study is a single online page that contains practice problems and solutions to over 100 different statistics questions.

You can buy lifetime access to Statology Study for $35.

Once you purchase, you’ll get emailed a link to access that page that contains all of the practice problems and solutions.

You’ll immediately be able to work through the questions and solutions at your own pace and you can jump to questions by specific topic as well.

Ready to dive in?

Statology Study made my life so much easier as a student and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone taking a statistics course. The step-by-step solutions to each problem just make things click.”


-Monica W.


Who created this course?

I did! My name is Zach Bobbitt. I have a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics and I’ve been tutoring high school and college students in statistics courses for over eight years.

I created Statology Study so that students could work through statistics practice problems and see the exact step-by-step solutions needed to solve each problem.

The types of questions included in Statology Study are the most common questions I see pop up year after year for students in statistics classes. That’s why the single best way to master any statistics class is to understand how to answer these questions.

Once I purchase, how long will I have access to Statology Study?

Once you purchase, you’ll have access forever! Your access never expires. I designed it this way so that students who are required to take multiple statistics courses spread across several semesters or even years can always refer back to this resource without worrying about paying to gain access again.

Who is this for?

Statology Study is designed specifically for anyone who is taking some type of Elementary Statistics or Introductory Statistics course. The questions and solutions provided represent the most common topics covered in these types of courses.