How to Create a Scatterplot with Regression Line in SAS

You can use proc sgplot to quickly create a scatterplot with a regression line in SAS.

The following examples show how to use this procedure in practice.

Example 1: Create Basic Scatterplot with Regression Line

The following code shows how to create a basic scatterplot with a regression line using the built-in SAS class dataset:

/*create scatterplot with regression line*/
proc sgplot data=sashelp.class;
   reg y=height x=weight;

scatterplot with regression line in SAS

The points in the plot display the individual observations from the dataset and the blue line displays the fitted regression line.

Example 2: Create Custom Scatterplot with Regression Line

Note that proc sgplot can create highly customizable scatterplots.

For example, you can:

  • Add a title to the chart
  • Modify the axis labels
  • Remove the legend
  • Customize the color and thickness of the regression line
  • Customize the appearance of the points in the plot

The following code shows how to customize each of these aspects of the plot:

/*create custom scatterplot with regression line*/
proc sgplot data=sashelp.class noautolegend;
   title 'Regression Model';
   xaxis label='Weight (pounds)';
   yaxis label='Height (inches)';
   reg y=height x=weight /
   lineattrs=(color=red thickness=2)
   markerattrs=(color=green size=12px symbol=circlefilled);

Notice that the title, axis labels, individual points, and the regression line have all been modified.

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