SAS: How to Convert Numeric Variable to Date

You can use the following basic syntax to convert a numeric variable to a date variable in SAS:

date_var = input(put(numeric_var, 8.), MMDDYY10.);
format date_var MMDDYY10.;

The following example shows how to use this function in practice.

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Example: Convert Numeric Variable to Date in SAS

Suppose we have the following dataset in SAS that shows the total sales made by some store during various different days:

/*create dataset*/
data original_data;
    input day sales;
01012022 15
01022022 19
01052022 22
01142022 11
01152022 26
01212022 28

/*view dataset*/
proc print data=original_data;

We can use proc contents to view the data type of each variable in the dataset:

/*display data type for each variable*/
proc contents data=original_data;

We can see that day and sales are both numeric variables.

We can use the following code to create a new dataset in which we convert the day variable from numeric to date:

/*create new dataset where 'day' is date*/
data new_data;
    set original_data;
    date_day = input(put(day, 8.), MMDDYY10.);
    format date_day MMDDYY10.;
    drop day;

/*view new dataset*/
proc print data=new_data; 

Note: We used the drop function to drop the original day variable from the dataset.

We can see that the new variable we created, date_day, is in a date format.

Note that MMDDYY10. is only one possible date format that we could have used. You can find a complete list of SAS date formats here.

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