How to Convert Datetime to Date in SAS

The easiest way to convert a datetime to a date in SAS is to use the DATEPART function.

This function uses the following basic syntax:

date = put(datepart(some_datetime), mmddyy10.);

The argument mmddyy10. specifies that the date should be formatted like 10/15/2022.

The following example shows how to use this syntax in practice.

Example: Convert Datetime to Date in SAS

Suppose we have the following dataset in SAS that contains one column of datetimes:

/*create dataset*/
data original_data;
    format some_datetime datetime23.;
    input some_datetime :datetime23.;

/*view dataset*/
proc print data=original_data;

The following code shows how to use the DATEPART function to create a new dataset in which the values in the datetime column are formatted as dates with various formats:

/*create new dataset with datetime formatted as date*/
data new_data;
    set original_data;
    date_mmddyyyy = put(datepart(some_datetime), mmddyy10.);
    date_yyyymmdd = put(datepart(some_datetime), yymmdd10.);
    date_date9 = put(datepart(some_datetime), date9.);
    date_default = datepart(some_datetime);

/*view new dataset*/
proc print data=new_data;

Notice that the four new columns display the date from the original datetime column in various formats.

By default, the DATEPART function converts a datetime to the number of days since January 1, 1960.

Thus, the new column called date_default displays the number of days since January 1, 1960 for each datetime.

Note: You can find the complete documentation for the SAS DATEPART function here.

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