Sampling Distribution Calculator

A sampling distribution is a probability distribution of a certain statistic based on many random samples from a single population.
This calculator finds the probability of obtaining a certain value for a sample mean, based on a population mean, population standard deviation, and sample size.
Simply enter the appropriate values for a given distribution below and then click the “Calculate” button.

P(x6): 0.63602

P(x6): 0.36398

6 Replies to “Sampling Distribution Calculator”

  1. While the above calculator is used to find greater than or equal to and less than or equal to, is there another calculator that will find great than or less than?

  2. Using Ti-84 to solve this:The mean output of a certain type of amplifier is 129
    watts with a standard deviation of 11 watts. If 70 amplifiers are sampled, what is the probability that the mean of the sample would differ from the population mean by less than 0.6 watts?

    I enter 128.4 for lower & 129.6 for upper
    129 for mean and 1.3148 for deviation
    answer is 0.3519 but using a Z chart for the two tails I get 0.3544

    Why the difference and lack of accuracy?

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