Remainder Calculator

This calculator finds the remainder of a division problem.
For example, suppose you want to divide 41 by 4. This would be written as:
41 / 4
The number in the numerator (41) is called the dividend and the number in the denominator (4) is called the divisor. The result of this division problem rounded down to the nearest integer is called the quotient. The amount left over is called the remainder.
For this example, 4 goes into 41 a total of 10 times. Thus, 10 is the quotient. Then, we have 1 left over. Thus, 1 is the remainder.
To find the remainder for a specific division problem, simply fill in the values below and then click the “Calculate” button.

Quotient: 10

Remainder: 1


4 goes into 41 a total of 10 times, thus, the quotient is 10.

There is 1 left over, thus the remainder is 1.

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