How to Open an .R File in RStudio (With Example)

An R file is a script written in the R programming language.

These files end with an .R extension. For example, an R script might be saved as my_script.R.

These files are typically used within RStudio, an interactive environment where you can work with R code.

The following example shows how to open an R script in RStudio in practice.

Example: Open R File in RStudio

Suppose I have an R script called my_script.R saved on my Desktop.

To open this file in RStudio, I can click File and then click Open File:

open R extension file in RStudio

I can then navigate to Desktop and double click on the my_script.R file:

The R script will automatically open in RStudio:

You can now edit the R script or run the code that already exists within it.

It’s also worth noting that if the current working directory already contains the R script you’re interested in, you can open the R script by typing the following code in RStudio:

#open my_script.R file in RStudio

The R script will automatically open in RStudio.

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