Power BI: How to Remove Column Headers in Table

Often you may want to remove the column headers from a table or a matrix in Power BI.

Unfortunately Power BI doesn’t offer this capability, but you can hide the headers by simply changing their font color to match the background color of the table or matrix.

The following example shows how to do so in practice.

Example: How to Remove Column Headers in Power BI

Suppose we have the following table in Power BI named my_data that contains information about various basketball players:

Suppose that we would like to insert this table into a report in Power BI.

To do so, click the Report view icon on the left side of the screen:

Then click the icon named Table under the Visualizations tab on the right side of the screen:

Then drag the Team, Position and Points variables all under the Columns label:

This will produce the following table:

Notice that the table contains column headers by default.

To hide these column headers, click the Format your visual tab, then click the Column headers dropdown, then click the dropdown arrow under Text color and choose the white color that matches the white background color:

This will cause the text color of the column headers to be white, which will make them hidden in the table:

Power BI remove column headers

Note: You can use the same steps to hide the column headers in a matrix as well.

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