How to Read HTML Tables with Pandas (Including Example)

You can use the pandas read_html() function to read HTML tables into a pandas DataFrame.

This function uses the following basic syntax:

df = pd.read_html('')

The following example shows how to use this function to read in a table of NBA team names from this Wikipedia page.

Example: Read HTML Table with Pandas

Before using the read_html() function, you’ll likely have to install lxml:

pip install lxml

Note: If you’re using a Jupyter notebook, you need to restart the kernel after performing this installation.

Next, we can use the read_html() function to read every HTML table on this Wikipedia page:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from unicodedata import normalize

#read all HTML tables from specific URL
tabs = pd.read_html('')

#display total number of tables read


We can see that a total of 44 HTML tables were found on this page.

I know that the table I’m interested in has the word “Division” in it, so I can use the match argument to only retrieve HTML tables that contain this word:

#read HTML tables from specific URL with the word "Division" in them
tabs = pd.read_html('',

#display total number of tables read


I can then list the names of the columns of the table:

#define table
df = tabs[0]

#list all column names of table

[('Division', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Team', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Location', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Arena', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Capacity', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Coordinates', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Founded', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Joined', 'Eastern Conference'),
 ('Unnamed: 8_level_0', 'Eastern Conference')]

I’m only interested in the first two columns, so I can filter the DataFrame to only contain these columns:

#filter DataFrame to only contain first two columns
df_final = df.iloc[:, 0:2]

#rename columns
df_final.columns = ['Division', 'Team']

#view first few rows of final DataFrame

   Division                Team
0  Atlantic      Boston Celtics
1  Atlantic       Brooklyn Nets
2  Atlantic     New York Knicks
3  Atlantic  Philadelphia 76ers
4  Atlantic     Toronto Raptors

The final table contains only the ‘Division’ and ‘Team’ columns.

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