Google Sheets: How to Average Across Multiple Sheets

You can use the following basic syntax to average values across multiple sheets in Google Sheets:

=AVERAGE(Sheet1!A1, Sheet2!B5, Sheet3!A12, ...)

The following example shows how to use this syntax in practice.

Example: Average Across Multiple Sheets in Google Sheets

Suppose we have three sheets titled week1, week2, and week3 that each contain data on eight basketball players and their total points scored during that week:

Each sheet has the exact same layout with “Player” in column A and “Points” in column B.

Now suppose we’d like to calculate the average of points scored for each player during each week and display the average in a new sheet called avg:

We can use the following formula to do so:

=AVERAGE(week1!B2, week2!B2, week3!B2)

The following screenshot shows how to use this formula in practice:

Google Sheets calculate average across multiple sheets

The “Average Points” column contains the average of the points scored for each player across week1, week2, and week3.

For example:

  • Player A scored an average of 6.67 points across the three weeks.
  • Player B scored an average of 6 points across the three weeks.
  • Player C scored an average of 7 points across the three weeks.

And so on.

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