How to Create a Table of Contents in Excel Sheet

Often you may want to create a table of contents in an Excel sheet where you can click on different links to take you directly to specific sheets in the Excel workbook.

The following example shows exactly how to do so.

Example: Create Table of Contents in Excel Sheet

Suppose we have the following Excel workbook that contains a summary sheet along with additional sheets that contain information about the points, assists and rebounds for various basketball players:

Suppose we would like to create a table of contents on the summary sheet that allows us to click on links that will take us directly to the other sheets in the workbook.

To do so, we can type “points” into cell A2. Then right click on cell A2 and click Link, then Insert Link:

In the new window that appears, click the icon called Place in This Document, then click points from the Cell Reference dropdown menu:

Once you click OK, a link to the points sheet will automatically be inserted into cell A2:

Repeat this process in cells A3 and A4 to insert links to the assists and rebounds sheets, respectively:

Excel create table of contents

 The table of contents is now complete.

Now if we click on any of the specific links in the table of contents, we will automatically be taken to the corresponding sheet.

For example, if we click on the assists link then we will automatically be taken to the assists sheet:

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