How to Remove Subtotals in Excel (With Example)

You can use the Remove All button within the Subtotal function of the Outline group in the Data tab to remove subtotals from a sheet in Excel.

The following example shows exactly how to do so.

Example: How to Remove Subtotals in Excel

Suppose we have the following dataset in Excel that contains information about points scored by basketball players on various teams:

Notice that the dataset currently has subtotal rows to display the total points scored by each team.

To remove these subtotals, highlight the range A1:B17, then click the Data tab along the top ribbon, then click the Subtotal icon within the Outline group:

In the new window that appears, click the Remove All button in the bottom left corner to remove all subtotals and formatting from the dataset:

Excel remove subtotals

Once you click this button, all subtotal rows and subtotal formatting will be removed from the dataset:

If you would instead like to keep the subtotal rows but remove the groupings, you can click the arrow next to Ungroup in the Outline group of the Data tab, then click Clear Outline:

The groupings will be removed but the subtotal rows will remain:

Feel free to use whichever method you’d like, depending on whether or not you’d like to remove the subtotals and the groupings or just the groupings.

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