Excel: How to Delete Rows with Specific Text

The following step-by-step example shows how to delete all rows in Excel that contain specific text.

Step 1: Create the Data

First, let’s create a dataset that shows the ratings of three players on different basketball teams:

Step 2: Find Values with Specific Text

Suppose we would like to delete every row that contains Bad as one of the ratings.

On the Home tab, click the Find & Select icon and then click Find from the dropdown menu:

In the new window that appears, type Bad into the search box and then click Find All.

Then click Ctrl+A to highlight all of the cells that contain the text Bad. Then click Close.

All of the cells that contain Bad will be highlighted.

Step 3: Delete Rows with Specific Text

Next, click the Delete icon on the Home tab and then select Delete Sheet Rows from the dropdown menu:

All of the rows that contained Bad in one of the cells will automatically be deleted:

Notice that none of the remaining rows contain Bad as a player rating in any column.

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