Excel: How to Create a Bubble Chart with Labels

This tutorial provides a step-by-step example of how to create the following bubble chart with labels in Excel:

bubble chart with labels in Excel

Step 1: Enter the Data

First, let’s enter the following data into Excel that shows various attributes for 10 different basketball players:

Step 2: Create the Bubble Chart

Next, highlight the cells in the range B2:D11. Then click the Insert tab along the top ribbon and then click the Bubble Chart option within the Charts group:

The following bubble chart will automatically be created:

The x-axis displays the points, the y-axis displays the assists, and the size of each bubble represents the rebounds.

However, it’s tough to know which bubbles represent which players because there are no labels.

Step 3: Add Labels

To add labels to the bubble chart, click anywhere on the chart and then click the green plus “+” sign in the top right corner.

Then click the arrow next to Data Labels and then click More Options in the dropdown menu:

In the panel that appears on the right side of the screen, check the box next to Value From Cells within the Label Options group:

In the new window that appears, choose A2:A11 as the cell range that contains our labels:

Then click OK and in the Format Data Labels panel on the right side of the screen, uncheck the box next to Y Value and choose Center as Label Position.

The following labels will automatically be added to the bubble chart:

Step 4: Customize the Bubble Chart

Lastly, feel free to click on individual elements of the chart to add a title, add axis labels, modify label font size, and remove gridlines:

bubble chart with labels in Excel

The final bubble chart is easy to read and we know exactly which bubbles represent which players.

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