Excel: How to Autofill Values from Another Sheet

The following step-by-step example shows how to autofill values from another sheet in Excel.

Step 1: Enter Data in First Sheet

First, let’s enter the following data into Sheet1 in Excel:

Step 2: Autofill Data in Second Sheet

Now suppose we have another sheet titled Sheet2 that contains the following data:

Suppose we would like to autofill the values from the Points column in Sheet1 into a Points column in Sheet2.

To do so, we can type the following formula in cell C2 of Sheet2:


This will automatically populate cell C2 in Sheet2 with the value from cell B2 in Sheet1:

To autofill the rest of the values in column C, hover over the bottom right-hand corner of cell C2 until a tiny cross “+” appears. Then double click.

Each of the remaining cells in column C will be filled in:

Notice that all of the values from the Points column in Sheet1 have been autofilled into Sheet2.

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