How to Autofill Days of the Week in Excel (3 Examples)

There are three common ways to autofill days of the week in Excel:

Method 1: Autofill Each Day of the Week

  • e.g. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, …

Method 2: Autofill Weekdays Only

  • e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, …

Method 3: Autofill Weekday Dates Only (Skipping Weekend Dates)

  • e.g. 2/1/2024, 2/2/2024, 2/5/2024, 2/6/2024, …

The following examples show how to use each of these methods in practice.

Example 1: Autofill Each Day of the Week

To autofill each day of the week, simply type the name of the first day you’d like to start with.

For example, we’ll type “Sunday” into cell A1:

Next, hover over the bottom right hand corner of cell A1 until a tiny cross ( + ) appears and then simply click and drag down to more cells in column A to automatically fill in the days of the week:

Each day of the week will be displayed in column A:

Note that if you keep dragging the list further, the days of the week will start over on Sunday again.

Example 2: Autofill Weekdays Only

To autofill weekday only, type out the list of weekdays:

Then copy and paste this list once more in column A:

Then highlight the entire list and click and drag down to remaining cells in column A to autofill only weekdays:

This will autofill weekdays and skip weekends:

Example 3: Autofill Weekday Dates Only (Skipping Weekend Dates)

To autofill weekday dates only and skip weekends, enter the first date you’d like to start with in cell A1:

Then type the following formula into cell A2:


Then click and drag the formula in cell A2 down to as many cells as you’d like in column A:

The resulting list of dates only include weekdays.

We can verify this by manually looking at a calendar and seeing that each of the dates in the list only fall on weekdays:

Note: You can find the complete documentation for the WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel here.

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