How to Add Text to Chart in Excel (With Example)

Often you may want to add text to a chart in Excel, like in the following chart:

Excel add text to chart

Fortunately this is easy to do using the Text Box feature in Excel and the following step-by-step example shows how to do so in practice.

Step 1: Create the Data

First, let’s create the following dataset that contains information about total sales made at various regions for some store:

Step 2: Insert Chart

Next, we can use the following steps to create a bar chart to visualize this data:

  • Highlight the cells in the range A1:B6.
  • Click the Insert Tab along the top ribbon.
  • In the Charts group, click the first chart option in the section titled Insert Column or Bar Chart.

The following chart will appear:

Step 3: Add Text to Chart

Next, suppose we would like to add text that says “Sales beat expectations” with an arrow pointing to the bar that represents the East region.

To do so, we can click the Insert tab along the top ribbon, then click the Shapes icon, then click the arrow icon in the Lines group of the dropdown menu:

Next, we can click anywhere on our chart to insert the arrow:

Next, click the Insert tab along the top ribbon again and then click the icon called Text Box:

Then click on the chart where you’d like to insert the text:

Then type in “Sales beat expectations” in the text box:

Excel add text to chart

We have now successfully added text to our chart.

Note #1: You can repeat this process as many times as you’d like to add multiple text elements to the chart.

Note #2: We chose to make the text bold in the chart to make it easier to read.

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