How to Replace Multiple Values in Data Frame Using dplyr

You can use the following basic syntax to replace multiple values in a data frame in R using functions from the dplyr package:


df %>%
  mutate(var1 = recode(var1, 'oldvalue1' = 'newvalue1', 'oldvalue2' = 'newvalue2'), 
         var2 = recode(var2, 'oldvalue1' = 'newvalue1', 'oldvalue2' = 'newvalue2'))

The following example shows how to use this syntax in practice.

Example: Replace Multiple Values Using dplyr

Suppose we have the following data frame in R that contains information about various basketball players:

#create data frame
df <- data.frame(conf=c('East', 'East', 'West', 'West', 'North'),
                 position=c('Guard', 'Guard', 'Guard', 'Guard', 'Forward'),
                 points=c(22, 25, 29, 13, 18))

#view data frame

   conf position points
1  East    Guard     22
2  East    Guard     25
3  West    Guard     29
4  West    Guard     13
5 North  Forward     18

Now suppose we would like to replace the following values in the data frame:

  • ‘conf’ column:
    • Replace ‘East’ with ‘E’
    • Replace ‘West’ with ‘W’
    • Replace ‘North’ with ‘N’
  • ‘position’ column:
    • Replace ‘Guard’ with ‘G’
    • Replace ‘Forward’ with ‘F’

We can use the mutate() and recode() functions to do so:


#replace multiple values in conf and position columns
df %>%
  mutate(conf = recode(conf, 'East' = 'E', 'West' = 'W', 'North' = 'N'), 
         position = recode(position, 'Guard' = 'G', 'Forward' = 'F'))

  conf position points
1    E        G     22
2    E        G     25
3    W        G     29
4    W        G     13
5    N        F     18

Notice that each of the values in the ‘conf’ and ‘position’ columns have been replaced with specific values.

Also notice that the values in the ‘points’ column have remain unchanged.

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