How to Create a Bell Curve in Google Sheets (Step-by-Step)

A “bell curve” is the nickname given to the shape of a normal distribution, which has a distinct “bell” shape:

Bell curve example

The following step-by-step example shows how to make a bell curve in Google Sheets for a given mean and standard deviation.

Step 1: Define the Mean & Standard Deviation

First, we’ll define the values for the mean and standard deviation of a given normal distribution:

Step 2: Define Percentiles

Next, we’ll define the percentiles to use in the plot ranging from -4 to 4 in increments of 0.1:

Step 3: Define Data Values

Next, we’ll create a column of data values to use in the plot using the following formula:

Step 4: Find the values for the Normal Distribution PDF

Next, we’ll use the following formula to find the values for the normal distribution probability density function:

Step 5: Create the Bell Curve

Lastly, we can highlight the values in the range B5:C85, then click Insert and then click Chart.

The following bell curve will automatically be created:

You’ll notice that if you change the mean and standard deviation, the bell curve will update automatically.

For example, here’s what the bell curve turns into if we use mean = 10 and standard deviation = 2:

Feel free to modify the chart title, add axis labels, and change the color if you’d like to make the chart more aesthetically pleasing.

Additional Resources

The following tutorials offer additional information about the normal distribution:

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  1. Double check the formula on step 3. Using that formula I get -5 on the first calculation, not -4.

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