Angle Between Two Vectors Calculator

This calculator finds the angle between two vectors a and b using the formula:
Angle between vector a and vector b = (a · b) / (|a| * |b|)
where (a · b) is the dot product of the two vectors, |a| is the magnitude of vector a, and |b| is the magnitude of vector b.
To find the angle between two vectors, simply fill in the (x, y, z) coordinates for both vectors below and then click the “Calculate” button.

Angle between vectors: 0.80994502


Dot product (a · b) = 49.00000
Magnitude of vector a |a| = 11.04536
Magnitude of vector b |b| = 5.47723
(a · b) / (|a| * |b|) = 49.00000 / (11.04536 * 5.47723) = 0.80994502

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